For us, intelligence is more than a service or outcome. It’s the vision for the way we work with clients and one another. Ultimately, intelligence is the logic and analysis that leads to informed decisions and actions.

Our Intelligence Process


  • Sort
  • Structure & Organize
  • Process
  • Extract
  • Transform


  • Interpret
  • Translate
  • Rate
  • Grade
  • Increase Confidence


  • Synergize
  • Synchronize
  • Derive Meaning
  • Deliver Result

Use Data

  • Collect & Correlate
  • Augment
  • Automate
  • Enhance / Facilitate decision making
  • Verify

How We Help

Strategically And Securely Moving, Sharing, And Protecting Information

We design and deploy intelligence, infrastructure, and cybersecurity solutions to ensure the most secure, accurate, and effective communication and information delivery possible.


Some Of Our Intelligence Projects

  • SOCOM SBIR “Platform Agnostic Data Storage Infrastructure”
  • Air Force Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Navy Product Lifecycle Management

Where to Find Us

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Industry meet ups, conferences, and conventions.

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